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Top 10 Super Lig Signings 2007/08


1. Servet Cetin (Galatasaray) The important part of a team is the duo in the middle of the defence. After the Song – Tomas partnership fell apart Galatasaray bought Servet as cover. When he signed everyone thought that he could not cover the place of Stjepan Tomas because it is a hard thing to return from an Anatolian team to one of the big Istanbul clubs. But at Sivasspor, where Servet played before Galatasaray, he improved himself and with this performance , he returned to the national team too. The 27 year-old played 33 games in the league, 11 games for the national team and 10 games in Europe. Servet was surely one of the most consistent players in the Super Lig.

2. Roberto Carlos (Fenerbahce) Roberto Carlos needs no introduction and nobody in Turkey really thought that he would transfer to Fenerbahçe. Carlos could well have remained in Madrid, but he wished to fulfil a childhood dream and play for a team coached by his idol Zico. Despite being 35 years old, Roberto Carlos often changed games just by his presence. His experience was also a big factor in helping Fenerbahce to get so far in the Champions League.

3. Gökhan Gönül (Fenerbahçe) Gökhan Gönül is a product of the famous Gençlerbirliği youth factory. Fenerbahce are a team who like to transfer young players and develop them into household names, Gökhan Gönül is going to be one of them. When Gençlerbirliği OFTAŞ gained promotion to the Super Lig, Gönül was a huge part of this. At first he couldn’t get a game for Fenerbahce, but Zico gave him a chance in one match, and he never gave his jersey back. He played 24 times in the Turkcell Super Lig and 10 in Europe. With his growing performances, big clubs like Milan,Tottenham and Real Madrid have shown an interest in him and he has also graduated to the national team.

4. Mile Sterjovski (Gençlerbirliği OFTAŞ) The Australian international who joined Gençlerbirliği Oftaş from Basel of Switzerland, was a surprising signing, and one that really went unnoticed by a lot of people. He played 14 games for the team, scored 3 goals and made 4 assists. Sterjovski arrived in Turkey on a free transfer and in the mid-season break he was sold to Derby County for €400,000 – a glorious transfer for the Anatolian Team.

5. Rodrigo Tello (Beşiktaş)
Beşiktaş fans expected another big name to go alongside Ricardinho and Matias Delgado. This Chilean player hasn’t got a big name like them but he produced better and more consistently good performances than either of them. With his pace, banana crosses and free-kick shots, he became a favourite of the Beşiktaş fans. The fact that he cost the club nothing makes him an even better signing. He played 37 games for his team, scored 6 goals and made 11 assists. His goal against Marseille from a free-kick was unforgettable, a firm contender for strike of the season.

6. Barış Ozbek (Galatasaray) (also) This player was snapped up from Rot-Weiss Essen, from the third tier of German football. With Karl-Heinz Feldkamp’s advice he came to the Galatasaray. In friendly games before the season Ozbek showed that he had great potential. His big advantage was “Kalli” (Feldkamp), who is never afraid to give chances to young players. It wasn’t long before the Galatasaray fans believed in him just as much as “Kalli” and his hard shots from long range, pinpoint crosses and defensive abilities made him an important first team player. He played 38 games for Galatasaray, scored 2 goals but made 7 assists, and that must go down as a good season for such a young player and new signing, too.

7. Shabani Nonda (Galatasaray)
When he signed for Monaco from Stade Rennes earlier in his career, Monaco paid €20M for him, but Galatasaray paid just €1.3M to sign him from Roma. In the first game he started against Konyaspor, Nonda announced his arrival with a double salvo. Also he showed his first class style in European competition and he scored 3 goals in 6 games. He was also the only Galatasaray player, along with Arda Turan, to score a hat-trick in the Super Lig. With this hat-trick he scored 11 goals and his last goal made Galatasaray champions, seeing off rivals Fenerbahçe.

8. Filip Holsko (Beşiktaş)
This skilful striker was discovered by former national team and Trabzonspor coach Ersun Yanal and joined him at Vestel Manisaspor in  2006. He showed solid performances for that team and in January of 2008 Beşiktaş signed him for €5 million. Holsko proved his worth by scoring 7 goals and providing 6 assists in just half a season at Beşiktaş. In total he scored 13 goals and made 11 assists. He was the player who we can say affected Beşiktaş’s finishing position in the league the most, especially with his 2 late goals in the Sivasspor game.

9. Antoino De Nigris (Ankaraspor) In my opinion the most exciting player in the Turkish Super Lig. The Mexican international signed for Gaziantepspor in 2006. In the middle of last season he was bought by Ankaraspor in their bid to avoid relegation. De Nigris was a key player in changing the performances of Ankaraspor. He assisted in a Fenerbahce game and they got one point. Then he scored against Genclerbirligi twice, and in the two last games, before the last game of the season, he made one assist and scored one goal and Ankaraspor won both games by a single goal.

10. Razundara Tjikuzu (İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi) A player of great experience from the Bundesliga. With his performances last season he got everyone’s attention. Before his move to Istanbul he played for another Turkish side, Rizespor, and for them he did not excel. Abdullah Avci’s arrival at İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor made him an important first team player. He played 30 games in the Super Lig and made two assists. It is a really good statistic for a midfielder but what was most important was his defensive effectiveness.

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Proud Feldkamp Forced Out of Galatasaray

Since Özhan Canaydın became the chairman of Turkish giants Galatasaray, he developed a habit of quickly blaming his coaches for any failure and fired them immediately.  This habit has continued to this day and veteran 73 year-old German coach Karl Heinz Feldkamp is the latest victim. (insidefutbol)

Even before Feldkamp officially signed with Galatasaray the Turkish football media began to criticise him because of his age and made repeated insinuations about his health. When he was the manager of Beşiktaş, the German left the team in the middle of the season because of heart problems. How could Galatasaray trust the old man’s health enough to hire him as their manager? That was the first criticisim the coach had to deal with. He had, unbelievably, also worked for just for 1 ½  seasons in the last 17 years, it was understandable the media also asked questions about whether he had lost his ability to coach a team.

So, from the very first moment he took his place in the dugout Feldkamp’s reign was beset by criticism. In his first game as manager Galatasaray won 4-0 at their Ali Sami Yen stadium. With this outstanding result the team brimmed with confidence and proceeded to go unbeaten until they met rivals Fenerbahce.

In the first period of the season Galatasaray lost just one game, and sat proudly on top of the Super Lig table. Everything looked fine when you looked at the statistics from the league, but in the UEFA Cup the team was going badly. Galatasaray is a team,which is accustomed to being the most successful Turkish team in Europe and the results gained in the early stages against weak teams did not satisfy the president, his administiration, or the fans.

With the winter break the transfer window opened and Feldkamp felt there was a desperate need for a defensive midfielder to be bought after the injury of Swedish national team captain Tobias Linderoth, in addition to an experienced goalkeeper. Defender Emre Güngör and midfielder Ahmed Barusso were the only players that arrived and this was despite the coach insisting at least four more should join the squad.

Without enough players arriving Feldkamp tried all of the remaining options available to him in many different positions. Despite this he couldn’t manage to find a formula to make the side stronger. For instance, as everybody knows Servet Çetin is a player who is strong and ambitious, but not technical. Due to the lack of an incoming defensive midfielder Servet was tried in this position, despite not being suited to it as he is a defender. Feldkamp also changed the positions of other players many times. He tried stiker Hasan Şaş, midfielders Ahmed Barusso and Barış Özbek as a right backs, forward Shabani Nonda as a playmaker and even Emre Güngör as a defensive midfielder, as he searched for new options. One time he made Serkan Çalık, a young talented forward, play as a sweeper for the last few minutes of a Turkish Cup Game against Fenerbahçe. All of this experimentation would be acceptable only in friendly games and in pre-season, not in the middle of a campaign to win the title.

After moving players from their natural and preferred positions it was understandable that many were not just upset, but even angry. When Adnan Polat had won the presidential elections in March (he was previously the vice-president and played a key role in bringing Feldkamp to Galatasaray) he arranged a one to one meeting with the players. What he heard was predictable. The players were unhappy they had been forced to play in unfamiliar positions. They felt it was unfair they should be criticised when they played poorly in a totally new position. The squad even went as far as saying Feldkamp was not managing the team well, and only without him could they be champions.

After this meeting Adnan Polat and Feldkamp held talks. In the conversation between them, Adnan Polat gave Kalli some advice about how to manage the team, but “Kalli” (Feldkamp’s nickname in Turkey) is not a coach that takes kindly to being told how to do his job. For him it was a sign the players had lost all confidence in him and after this meeting Feldkamp announced he was resigning. Feldkamp’s assistant left, too.

It is clear to me that Feldkamp was forced out, because Adnan Polat knew that by speaking directly to the players and then advising such a proud manager as Feldkamp how to do his job, he would react in only one way: to resign.

The situation is even stranger when the man who has just become president of Galatasaray, a man who trusts Feldkamp and was key to his appointment in the first place, forces him to leave the club almost as soon as he sits in the president’s chair. Adnan Polat had also said he wanted Feldkamp to take the position of Football Advisor to the Board when he finally stopped coaching.

All this shows that the new president doesn’t really have a plan for the future. This was further confirmed by the fact that so many managers, each with differing ideas on how to play the game, were contacted about taking over. For now the Turkish press believe that Dutchman Louis van Gaal may be next in line for the job.

The players contributed directly to the removal of Karl Heinz Feldkamp, and that is not a healthy sign for any club. However, the one positive is that now the players have no excuses left and those who did not enjoy life under Feldkamp can take pleasure in their football without him. Perhaps the relief felt by some after Feldkamp’s departure could provide the motivation to win both the Turkish Cup and, importantly, Super Lig. But if they could do this, the position, the effect of a manager will surely have to be questioned. Because if any team can be successful like this, why do they need a manager?

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